Repeater 64

Just an ordinary Joe !

By daytime I'm a care worker, by night I'm shattered ! 

Never the less I have an intense passion for home recording and whenever I get the time to focus, which is rare, I write and record under the pseudo name of Repeater 64 !


I am generally known as  Andy Lealand (guitarist and founder member of the legendary Uk punk band The Partisans). 


Musically I'm heavily inspired by The Clash, The Jam and The Professionals, although as a young man and pre 1977 I listened mainly to The Beatles, Who, Kinks, Small Faces etc, so early Punk and Mod are my roots, but off the record I do enjoy a little Blur, Supergrass, Oasis and Kasabian !!! 

I’m not part of any scene, I don’t do people, and I don’t like to put labels on my musical efforts but I like the term Acid Punk or Tripstah ! 


My social skills are fucked, I just can't get into Facebook etc and I'm always contemplating that if the future of Punk Rock is all about Twitter and Facebook and the like, then I'd rather call it a day. It's humiliating posting selfies with pouting lips (I’m having a laugh) and posting pointless mind numbing trivia/news. 

But as I no longer play live and firmly believe that media in general have an hidden agenda to “stupefy the masses”, the only forum available to me at the moment is indeed Facebook ! 


Privately, I guess I’m what most of what narrow minded people would consider pretentious or even a tad nutty, I was well into hallucinogens, not so much as a party drug but more as an eye opener, which lead me on to study Carl Jung, The Occult, Alchemy, The Kabbala and especially the late great occultist Aleister Crowley. 

I think I must be the first punk rocker to sing about DMT, I consider myself well ahead of the pack ;) so don’t come here for punk rock cliches about drinking beer, class wars or football its all been done a million times and before most of you were born, it may be a big deal for the newbies to the scene but its wearing very thin for old punksters like myself ;) 


Have it !


Andy 2016