Repeater 64

Baghdad Bob

by Repeater 64

Released 2015
Reclusive Records
Released 2015
Reclusive Records
Baghdad Bob.. Acid Punk instrumental !
The 4 tracks are as follows:
1. DMT- R-64 suggests watching the film "DMT The Spirit Molecule" for a more in-depth understanding of DMT and its effects.
We also recomend the book "Food Of The Gods" by Terence McKenna.
2. Modern Girls - 60's London was a game changer, a cultural revolution, Youth gone mad, Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out !
3. Baghdad Bob - No real literal content, just a psychedelic punk instrumental !
4. Mr Crowley/Mr Libertine - An effort to save our beloved occultist Mr Crowley from erroneously being branded a satanist !

R-64 late spring 2015 !