Repeater 64

Guilty 1000 Times

by Repeater 64

Released 2012
Reclusive Records
Released 2012
Reclusive Records
Guilty 1000 Times is a moody abstract and almost 3 dimensional song brought to you by REPEATER 64, incorporating influences from The Beatles to The Clash.
Andy Lealand is the former guitarist of the UK band “The Partisans”. Repeater 64 is his solo project. Formed in 2011 !
Operating from a small attic home studio in Gothenburg Andy writes, records and produces retro power pop, grabbing influences from the best of the British bands from The Beatles to the Clash.

"This is ACE !!"

"This is great stuff, goes way back in music history and sounds very fresh the other side. This sound is very popular over here at the moment"
Jan Jaedike Gordeon Music Berlin