Repeater 64

Oh Lord Oh No Not I

by Repeater 64

Released 2013
Reclusive Records
Released 2013
Reclusive Records
A mix of the Clash, Jam and The Professionals. Repeater 64 takes British Punk back to its Roots.
Originally a song I wrote for my cousin way back in 2006..

I got a phone call from him (he was in his early 30's) informing me with the tragic news that he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. At the time we didn't know if he was going to survive an operation or not, but thank God (or a very skilled surgeon) he did.

I wrote the song in first person, but then the weird thing was, a year later or so your humble narrator also got "that call from a doctor".. yup the Big C and I shat it, as you can imagine.

It raised many philisophical questions in my head, the "meaning of it all ", "Who is running the show ? it ain't me babe ! ", "is punk music better than oi music ? ;)" etc etc..

Anyway before you all start getting your hemmed square of thin fabric out (handkerchiefs) and start sobbing your hearts out I have to inform you that after surgery I made it too.. and this is old news (2008)…

Enjoy !